(December, 2005)

Ted Alcadie

Greg McCloud
Homeless Advocate

Greg Mennis
Executive Vice President & CFO
Pyramid Digital Solutions

Gabriel Paci
Principal - Blue Ridge Associates

Richard D. Urman, MD
Department of Anesthesia
Critical Care and Pain Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Samuel Weems
Spare Change News

Eugene Yeh
Analyst - Siemens Venture Capital

Kara Curtis
Senior Director
Government Relations and
Business Development
Network Health Plan

Fred Berman
City of Cambridge
Department of
Human Service Programs

Rachel Weil
City of Cambridge
Department of
Human Service Programs

Danielle Barmash
Director - Sunday Meal

Julie Kaster
Director - Marketing

Elizabeth Jackson
Director - Activities


David Levin
Charter Member

Michael Sullivan
Former Coordinator of
Self-Advocacy Center

Eric Weinberger
Charter Member, Founder of the Sunday Meal

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